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Instructor: Tanya Beard

Community: Preschool Ages, School Setting?, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Short Intro – Feel the floor, knock on it. It is solid. The Earth, too, is solid under our feet. (most of the time!) When our feet are on the floor or Earth, we are connected to it. When we can feel this connection, it’s easier to notice what’s going on around us. When we are able to feel calm no matter what is going on around us, we are “grounded.” Today we will work on feeling grounded.
  • Hoberman Breaths – with leader/counter. Compliments.


  •  River Song Pose Flow (modified for preschoolers – I’m working with age 2 up to 4):
    • Rock and Roll F/B Rock and Roll S/S Boat
    • Star/Hug x 5 (w or w/out twinkle twinkle song)
    • Mt Test
    • Mt – Up Mt – Forw Bend – Down Dog / Wag, pant – Cobra / Stretch your neck forward pushing through the grass – Down Dog – Walk feet up Up Mt – Hands to Heart
    • Warrior R – Warrior L – Mt – Up Mt
    • Forw Bend – Down Dog – Cobra – Child’s Pose
  • Trees in the Forest – Split into two groups; one group is trees/one group is jungle animals, then switch.


  • Yoga Flow – Hands to heart; upward mountain; forward bend – head heavy like a bowling ball; down dog; plank; cobra; child’s pose. Comfortable position.
  • Peace Spray
  • River Rock Story – Let’s all imagine we are near a cool and clear river. This river is not very deep, but it is moving fast. In fact, it is so shallow and the water is so clear, we can see the bottom easily. Maybe a fish swims by. You may notice the water is blue or green in color. Now you notice there are many rocks on the bottom of the river, of all colors. Think about what it might be like to have one that is your favorite color catch your eye. You reach into the cool water and find that it fits right into your hand. It’s as if it was made for your hand. You pick it up and dry it with your shirt. You close it in your hand. It is smooth. Try to feel it right now. I want you to think about how, just like the rock under that rushing river water, you can feel heavy and cool in your body. You can be still and restful even when things are moving fast all around you. Have you ever been working too hard and then felt a little fussy? OR maybe felt a little lost, or not sure what you are supposed to be doing? Maybe a time when you’re sad or mad or upset. During these times, you can take a little breath, and make your body still and strong like the little rock. You can put a hand over your heart, and breathe until you find the words to use to get help, or until you feel a little better. It usually takes just a little few minutes for a hard feeling to pass through us. You have that power. To wait and calm yourself and let yourself feel better. Now I want you to act like you are putting your little rock into your pocket so you will always have its weight with you.

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