Instructor: Dr. Mary Del Vecchio

Community: Various Ages, School or Therapy Setting, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

How will I set the tone to create a therapeutic environment? Music, Chime, Essential Oil, candles

State which specific challenging behavior this plan will address: Stress, Anxiousness, Inability to calm self

Lesson Plan:


  • Chime – Begin with chime- raise hand when you no longer hear it.
  • Stillness Exercise – We will begin by lying down and breathing normally for 2 minutes. CD-Beloved by CG Deuter.  Adjust your body in a comfortable position. “Close your eyes, as each thought comes, gently push it away. PUSH, PUSH, PUSH slowly say these words. Now go to your favorite spot in the world. AHHH. Say out loud where you are? Each person takes a turn. 3 minutes
  • Belly Breathing – 10x Flow with the music. “With each breath let go of a worry, or to do thing and with each inhale breath in love, warmth, calm and sense of well being. “ 3 minutes.


  • Volcano Breaths – 3x 1 minute “Think of one thing you desire to release- Worry about money/what others think/work”.
  • Yoga Calm 15 Sheet – 15 minute (I will use encouraging language to have them stretch/reach/know your intention is enough”.
  • Back Drawing – 3 minutes “Form a circle while seated. On the person in front of you gently draw a heart/gentle rain/sun-“feel the warmth”/star-“add glitter/send out light beams of love n light into the world,” draw a secret design and share”. I will ask if someone is not comfortable it is OK for them not to sit out.


  • Child’s Pose – 1 minute – “I am safe. I am loved.”
  • Mindful Snack – 10 minutes Chocolates served on doily. Group discussion about seeking mindful moments in our daily lives. Share examples such as: A child’s hug, the warmth of the sun, a falling leaf, a good cup of tea, blue sky etc.
  • Relaxation – Read – OPENING TO RECEIVE ABUNDANTLY- 2 minutes.

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