Instructor: Jaclyn Semlak

Community: Pre-K – 1st Grade

Plan Creation Date: February 27, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening to our Hearts/Grounding

Lesson Plan:

Materials:chime, hoberman sphere, heart cut outs, heart image in nature photo, music and cd player, Sample heart photo (I use on the smartboard in classroom)


  • Gather in a circle with cut out hearts in front of each child and ring chime.
  • Put a hand on your heart and feel it beating.
  • Close your eyes and look into your heart.
  • What is your heart feeling today?
  • Listen to yourself and think about how you feel today.
  • 6 breaths – with hoberman sphere led by child
  • 3 volcano breaths – to send out feeling in our hearts
  • Share – 3 students – how heart is feeling?


  • Roots – Stand up and find your roots
  • Feel the feet pressing into the ground and lift up into
  • Mountainarms up, strong mountains, open up hearts
  • Forward foldlet your head hang heavy and listen to what your body feels here
  • Slowly rise up
  • Modified Mat Flow (no mats)
  • Start with roots to mountain and continue through flow 3 times ending back in mountain(in chair pose check inWhen you listen to your heart now, what does it feel?)
  • Treehand to your heart and listen to how you feel now, what is your heart feeling?
  • Tree – with other leg


  • Hands at heart and close eyes
  • Feel heart beating here, how will you listen to what your body is telling you today?
  • Open eyes and sit down, then lay down for twists both sides
  • Slowly press up to seat and gaze at heart photo in nature.
  • Transition to what is in our hearts and Map of our Hearts Lesson for Writer’s Workshop.

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