Instructor: Carrie Kubacki

Community: Middle School Ages, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – using Hoberman Sphere. Slow, gentle inhales and exhales. Listen to our breathing, our bodies and our minds. When we listen to ourselves—can tell how we are feeling. Volunteers to help lead/count. Ask for compliments from the class for the leaders.
  • Pulse Count – Practice for 20 seconds.  Listen to our bodies again as we sit still. Bodies tell us what we need—nervous, angry, relaxed.


  • Story Telling Activity – “The Other Way to Listen” – Briefly discuss purpose of book. Encourage students to consider what they need to do to best listen to the story. After story discuss the other way to listen.  What is needed to really listen?  How does respect fit in?  Where do they go to listen?
  • Mountain – With arms at sides, pretend we are the main character in the hills, quiet and still, what can we hear?
  • Tree Pose – Student led. What type of tree would you wish to be?  Quiet cottonwood like in the story? What would your tree be trying to tell you?  Compliments for the student leader.
  • Star Pose – Student led. Imagine being out on a starry night, quiet, still. What can we hear from the stars at night?  Imagine we are all stars out in the room. Compliments for leader.
  • Mountain – Hands at heart center, sign of respect. Respect needed to listen, respect for self, others, world.


  • Belly Breathing – back to listening to own self, breath, body, mind.
  • One Minute Mindfulness – my own creation – Safe Place Listening. Where are you?  What do you see?  Hear?  Any people with you who help you feel safe?  What might they say to you?
  • Relaxation – Stillness and listening – Himalayan Singing Bowl Listening Meditation – Awareness to all the sounds, vibrations.

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