Instructor: Jeanette Johnsson

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: December 13, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:

In the room: Anjali, flowers, a candle, picture of an African elephant (the animal with the biggest ears).

* Throw and catch — if I throw a ball you catch one way, if I throw a glass you catch one way and if I throw ….. Everybody has to listen well to be able to catch in the appropriate way.

In today’s yoga class we will focus on listening. What does listening mean to you?  Why is it good to be a good listener? What do you love to listen to?

Sit in a cross-legged position and just close your eyes and listen to the sounds in and around this room. And now focus on your breathing. How does it sound? Then check in with your body — listen to it — does it have something to tell you right now? Feel your feet, your legs, your abdomen, your hands, arms, chest and head. And listen to your feelings — how do your feel right now?…..Now listen to what you are thinking about. And notice how these thoughts make you feel. Now try changing your thoughts to something else, see how you feel, now change your thoughts again and notice how you feel.

* Breathing Sphere + compliment

* Pulse count – raise hand when you found it – count

* Volcano – What do you want more of here and now? Everybody shares.

* Cat and cow

* Downward dog

* Lunge: Right foot forward.

* Warrior II: Right foot forward.

* Warrior II: Left foot forward. 

* Lunge: Left foot forward.

* Forward bend: Forward folds make it easier to go into our bodies and listen and see what it is telling us, and to listen to our thoughts and see what they are saying.

* Plank: Listen to your body, what is it telling you here in Plank pose?

* Dolphin

+ Fun facts:

Their ear holes are tiny, about the size of a crayon point, but dolphins probably have the best hearing in the Animal Kingdom they receive sounds through their jawbone and head, and the vibrations pass into the tiny bones of their inner ear.

Fun facts:

Do you know what animal have the largest ears?

African elephant! They have ears that are four feet wide and six feet from top to bottom. And they also hear a lot better than we do. Share picture.

* Compliment game: Listen closely to what compliments you get.

* Cobra hiiisssssssssssss

* Child’s pose: What do you hear right now? Check in again with your breath, follow as it travels in through your nose and then out again through your nose.

* Happiness worksheet: Pick some questions that they can think about in child’s pose.

* Twist 

* Progressive relaxation: Yoga Calm book page 133.

Before the children come back. Lie on side and put your hand on your heart: what is your heart telling you right now in this moment. Listen.

Share what your heart was telling you.

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