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Instructor: Dawn Blankenship

Community: Kindergarten Ages, School Setting, 35 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 29, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Intention: Help children learn to connect with one another and learn to pay attention to body language

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – led by a peer followed by compliments


  • Volcano Breath – standing – imagine sending heart thoughts out to someone you care about.
  • Forward Bend – ground your feet bend from the waste towards the earth. Relax into your body.
  • Mountain Pose – feel your body strong and grounded in the circle surrounded by your peers.
  • Crescent Moon – with your feet connected to the earth, take a deep breath and raise your arms above your head, palms facing one another, fingers pointed toward the sky. As you exhale, gently bend slightly from the waist towards the right. As you breathe in, return to center. Exhale and bend slightly towards the left.
  • Trust Walk – You will be assigned a partner to whom you will be responsible for guiding around the room. Your partner will have their eyes closed. Voices will be off during this activity. You will need to watch out for obstacles that might be in the way of your partner and guide them around. Pay attention to their facial expressions and body language. They are trusting you to guide them safely and gently around the room. Switch partners.


  • Compliments – Sit in circle facing partners. Take turns giving your partner a compliment about how they felt as you guided them around the room.
  • Belly Breathing

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