Instructor:  Kristine Hatfield

Community: High School ages, Life Skills Class

Plan Creation Date: October 3, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:

Props:  CD & Yoga Calm for Children book

Intro: Review Ground Rules

Calm – play quiet music –

  • Pulse Count – Review pulse counting -check pulse for 15 secs
  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman -Student leader uses the Hoberman while another counts the number of breaths selected by the group to get everyone to focus & be still -Remind students about breathing through their nose, in and out -Have students compliment leader and leader compliment counter
  • Pulse Count – Do another pulse check and listen to the beat of your heart


  • Forward Bend, Twist, Volcano Breath – Have students demonstrate forward bend, twist, and volcano breath for the three new class members while seated
  • Mountain – Have students stand and demonstrate Mountain Feet under hips, head and heart lifted to the sky like a mountain, reaching feet down to the earth, keep feet pointing forward as if on railroad tracks Be still as a mountain
  • Upward Mountain – Demonstrate Upward Mountain Reaching arms up toward the sky straight as lasers Palms facing each other Lengthen both sides of your body imagine the base of your mountain being planted deep in the earth
  • Crescent Moon – Move into Crescent Moon – Press feet down, breathe in, stretch to the right, lengthen both sides of body, on an exhale, come back to center, now stretch to the left, hold each stretch being still as the moon
  • Talk about the quiet of the moon and stillness of the night
  • Standing behind your chair have a student leader
  • Mountain – Move to Mountain pose being still with 3 breaths
  • Upward mountain – being still with 3 breaths
  • Crescent Moon – to each side, being still with 3 breaths
  • Volcano Breath – Imagine your breath coming from deep in the earth like a volcano Send out heart thoughts to someone who could use a bit of stillness in their life
  • Mountain – Back to Mountain
  • Forward bend – Place forearms on the table or chair and head on arms, do three deep belly breaths being still -Hips over knees &ankles
  • Mountain – Return to Mountain, then back to sitting in their chair
  • Talk about “stillness”


  • Ask students to sit completely still for 30 seconds or how long?
  • Have students sit with hands on legs or table, eyes closed
  • Relaxation – Do the Progressive Relaxation exercise pg 133 of Yoga Calm for Children


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