Instructor: Vincent Hurtado

Community: High School Ages, School Setting

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Pulse Count – Two fingers to the side of the mouth. Tip head slightly back and draw a line with fingers into groove along the neck. Press gently to find pulse. Count to 1 minute and then ask students what their count was.
  • Back Breathing – One student takes Child pose while another kneels alongside and places their hands on the first student’s low back. The student in the Child pose breathes slowly into the low back and into the partner’s hands, feeling the hands rise and fall like waves. Continue for several breaths moving hands up to midback and repeat. Bring awareness to listening to your partner’s breathe.


  • Mountain – Stand with feed hip-width apart, pointing straight ahead, and press them down into the earth. Hands can be alongside the body. Lift belly, head, and heart. Shoulders are back and down. Look straight ahead.
  • Roots – Stand with feet hip-width apart and pointing straight ahead. Rock forward and back with body firm and straight and feel firmly on the farm. Make the rocking movement smaller and smaller until you balance on the center of your feet. Now rock side to side and then slowly return to center. Begin making big circles to the right. Note how your weight shifts to the four edges of each foot as you circle. Notice how the foot muscles work to keep you upright. Make the circles smaller and smaller until you come back to center.
  • Warrior I – Stand with legs hip-width apart. Take right leg back, placing the knee on the floor. Move hips forward and slide the back leg back until the front knee is right over the front ankle. Take arms overhead, palms facing each other and fingers extending. Lift belly, head, and heart. Listen to your heart as you bring awareness to your breathe. Repeat on the other side of body.
  • Warrior II – Stand with legs wide apart—about 3-4 feet. Turn your left foot in slightly to the right and your right foot all the way out to the right. Breathe in and lift arms up parallel to the floor, palms facing down. Exhale and bend the right knee until it is right over the ankle. Keep both sides of the torso long with shoulders over the pelvis. Look over your middle finger. Listen to your breathe. Notice how it carries you through the pose. Repeat on other side.


  • Compliment Game – page 112.


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