Instructor: Stacy Bender-Fayette

Community: Grades K-5, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Materials: Hoberman Sphere, chime, energy ball

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – One student leading with Hoberman sphere and another counting off a selected number of breaths. Ask for 2-3 compliments for the leader. Have the leader compliment the counter.


  • Community Dialogue – Community is a place where we are all important. Your school is a community. Your classroom is a community. When we are all working together the community feels safe and fun. Community is a place where people can help you and you can help others. Can you think of someone in your school or classroom community who helps you?
  • Volcano Breaths – Sending 3 “heart thoughts” to the person who helps us.
  • Roots – With body activated, and eyes closed, circle right and left. Notice how your feet help you to balance.  When you feel safe in your community you feel strong and rooted to the ground.
  • Tree Prep – Now imagine one of your family members or friends holding your right foot steadily to the ground. See if you can slowly lift your other foot off the floor (switch sides).Tree Circle – Notice how your friends help to support you.
  • Tree – Now feel that support as you come into tree pose by yourself.


  • Energy Ball – Working as a community. “When we work together, we can do amazing things!” Everyone connects hands. Call each student by name and ask them to release their hands, which disengages the energy ball. Next, ask the class to say in unison, ”You are important, Jason. We need you!”. Then the student reconnects hands again.

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