Instructor: Vickie Soli-Compton

Community: Grades K-2, School Setting, 25 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Words – I am safe with my hands, feet, body, and words. I make Mrs._________ class a better place! I am important to my class and my school.
  • Yoga Calm Ground Rules  – Be Safe- Hands, Feet, and Body are safe; Treat yourself like a King or a Queen; Respect each others’ space (Safety Bubble); I am strong, I am in control, I can do it, and I can be responsible; Use I can talk. I say I can. I can learn that. I am going to try that. I will keep practicing that.


  • Belly Breathing with Hoberman Sphere – Student Volunteers and Compliments. Choose 2-3. Choose between 1-4 deep breaths.
  • Child Pose and Partner Back Breathing – Use the analogy of a turtle on the warm sand by a blue/green pond surrounded by trees, wild life, and a gorgeous Mountain in the distance.


  • Superman/Superwoman Pose – Student Volunteer to model pose 1 girl and 1 boy at the same time. Engage your strong super hero. Arms way out and feet way out like a superhero in flight! Pretend like you are flying in the air. Where would you g. What do you see ahead in the sky? What would you see down below?
  • Cobra Pose – Use the analogy of a snake. Help students visualize where they would be. What does a snake say? How does a snake smell it’s’ surroundings? Make the ssss noise and let students stick out there tongue.
  • Star Pose – Use the analogy of a shining star. Point your arms and fingers into outer space. Pretend you are a star with lasers shooting up into the sky. Head nice and tall.
  • Galaxy Star Circle – Think about something you would like to share with your class, with our school, and with the world. Let’s create a Galaxy by everyone getting into a circle. Let’s press our hands together. Use the UFO ball. Put hands down to relax and do some shoulder rolls.
  • Tree Circle – Raise both arms stretch out hands and fingers pointing up. Place your hands together with the person on each side. Then lift your leg up into tree pose.
  • Animals in the Forest – Have 4-5 students come out of the circle to be animals in the forest. Re-form the circle and have animals challenge the students in the circle by making noises, running in and out of the circle, jumping up and down (No Touching or Blowing on others). Try this with eyes open and eyes closed. Switch it up with new animal challengers. Drop hands and try again without support of the circle. Ideas for animals (Coyote, Owl, Rat, Squirrel, Bird). Use imagery about a forest of trees together standing strong and tall. Talk about protecting each other from the wind. Talk about the strength of the group and each tree having roots that go deep into the ground.
  • Mountain – Stand tall like a tall strong Mountain. Head nice and tall and shoulders down. Close your eyes to visual the trees and animals around the wonderful mountain.
  • Upward Mountain – Arms and Hands up and a big stretch over your head. Hands face each other and lasers come out of your hands all the way to the sky into outer space.
  • Forward Bend – Go as slow as you can. Pretend you just dove into a beautiful blue green pond and you explore all the underwater life. Deep breathe in through your nose. Blow all the air out through your nose. You see the bubble slowly come out of your nose to the surface of the water. Repeat a couple more deep breaths if students can stay with it. Slowly fold down into the next Child pose.


  • Child – You are a turtle at the side of the water on the warm sand. Your turtle legs and arms are all safe inside your turtle shell. You feel the sun on your back. You feel your deep breath in all the way in the top of your turtle shell. You blow all the air out of your tummy, back, and lungs…3 more deep breaths.
  • Belly Breathing and Relaxation Story – about Animals being in a Safe Community working together to make it a better place. On your back put your hands on your tummy. Take a deep breath in through your nose you’re your tummy lifts up and gets bigger and blow all the air out through your nose and your tummy goes down and gets smaller/flat. You are an Otter on your back. You feel the warm water around you. You feel safe and relaxed. You are floating in the warm water and feel supported. You notice in the water all your friends in Mrs._____ class. Some are fish, some are ducks, some are frogs, and some are Otters just like you. Everyone in our lake and around our pond is working to be kind and safe friends. This makes the whole class feel safe and strong. We are a wonderful class community that makes our class, our school, and our world a better place.


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