Instructor: Jane Hulett

Community: Grades 5-6, Summer School Setting, 85 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Does your body talk to you??? (Explain) Do you listen to it? Why?
    Do you ever talk to yourself?? Do you say good things about yourself or are you “hard on yourself” (negative thought)? In order to become your “best self”: treat yourself with kindness when you talk to yourself, give your body good food, exercise, and sleep, and spend time with others that make you happy. Being your “best self” means making choices that will help you feel good about yourself. In yoga we also include the healthy practice of certain breathing exercises like volcano breath. Let’s do volcano breath and “listen” afterwards.


  • Volcano Breath – Do Volcano Breath – ­Think and send heart thoughts out to someone. Share how it feels to do so.
  • Activate/Relax Walk – with student suggested poses.
  • Discussion – Stop and discuss. “Listen to your body now. What is it saying to you?” (I’m strong, coordinated, quick). Remind them of the G round Rules that we have that focus on positive self­ talk.
  • Child’s Pose/Back Breathing – Do Child’s Pose and Back Breathing, checking the breathing of the person next to you and then switch. Discuss what they notice as they “listen” to their body now.


  • Calm Voice Activity ­ – lay on their backs, listen to question prompts. Give time to fill out worksheets and share.
  • Relaxation Pose/Exploration ­ – “Someone said something very kind about you. Can you hear those words now? Who was that person? Can you remember 3 good things people have said about you?”
  • Yoga Journals – Time to add a response to their yoga journals. Share if they choose to.

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