Instructor: Vickie Soli-Compton

Community: Grades 3-6, School Setting, 25 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 31, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Music: Star Wars

Lights: Dim

Lesson Plan:


  • Words – I have the mental and physical POWER to keep my body in control.
  • Go over Yoga Calm Rules – Treat yourself like a King/Like an Star Wars Emperor, Personal Space- Use your Jedi force field. (hands, feet, and body safe), Stay on your Mat- Stay on your Millennium Falcon or X-Wing Fighter (mat) and take your shoes off before boarding your space ship/base (mat), If a Jedi training move is difficult, as a Jedi Warrior I agree to say, “I can try and I am learning this.” Jedi Warriors do not use the word, “Can’t!” During Jedi Warriors Training we agree to use Light Sabers safely and never make contact with anyone’s body/face. Jedi Warriors who complete training safely will participate in real light saber training battle during the last two weeks of Jedi Training.


  • Volcano Breath – Use a light saber to demonstrate volcano breath. Ask for student volunteers. In Sitting or Standing. Choose between 1 and 5 volcano breaths. Give compliments repeat 2-3 times.
  • Belly Breathing and Pulse Count – Lay down like Hans Solo in Empire Strikes Back when he is in carbonite. Now relax your arms and prepare for Darth Vader belly breathing with mouth sealed. In through the nostrils/nose out through the nostrils/nose Ask Jedi to being pulse count to prepare for Jedi training.


  • Leg Stretches – C3PO on his back. Feel the force with your right leg. Strong and straight (Darth Vader breath inhale and Darth Vader exhale as your right leg slowly falls to the ground and then your left leg/other leg. Darth Vader inhale as you stretch your leg to the sky, exhale as your left leg falls to the ground.
  • Rock and Roll – Like the Grievous Wheel Bike. You are rocking and rolling just like the wheel bike.
  • Boat – You are a Sandcrawler on Tatoonnie. Sit on the floor and bend your knees. Balance and life your low back, heart, and head. Pull your shoulders back.
    Mountain-C3PO standing, lift your CP3O belly, head, and heart. Look straight ahead, droid body activated.
  • Upward Mountain – The force is coming from your mind out through your arms straight up and fingers facing each other and feet apart. Crescent moon- The Death Star. You are a moon sized space station. Lengthen both sides of the body. Stretch to the right you are the first Death Star in Star Wars like a crescent moon. Stretch to the left you are the Death Star under construction at the orbit of the second moon.
    Star- You are now a tie star fighter. Put your wings out (arms and feet). You are propelled by twin ion engines.
  • Triangle – Activate your wings. Turn your foot out and shift your wing to the right stretch out your other wing to the sky, press out. Pretend you are on a mission and flying to one side and now let’s fly to the other side. Twin ion engines re-activated!
    Warrior I- Jedi I -Active the force from your mind to both of your hands. Your hands have the electricity of the force flowing out. You are a Jedi with the force. Visualize the force flowing into your legs and down to your feet! Breath in and then out through the nose. The breath helps the energy of the force.
  • Warrior II– Jedi II- Widen your Jedi stand, Exhale and bend the right knee. Visual your right hand is a green light saber. Straight and steady activate your hands and feet with the force. Look back and visualize your other arm as a blue light saber also still, straight and strong. Darth Vader breath…Switch legs, you are a strong Jedi. You are in control of your body. Using the power of your mind to get the force, keep your body still. Darth Vader breath…
  • Chair – Speeder Bike/Hover Bike. You are a scout trooper
  • Superman – Back on your belly. Activate your arms and legs. You are now the space ship of your choice. Fly like your favorite star wars spaceship. Keep those arms and legs activated like wings.
  • Cobra – Jaba the Hut. Lie on your belly like Jaba with tops of feet on the floor and legs close together like Jaba’s tail. Palms flat on the floor and fingers point straight ahead. Shoulders back and down, elbows close to body. Lift hands and say (Jaba Hands) for variation.
  • Downward Dog – Downward facing Wookie.
  • Table Top – ATAT
  • Alternate Arm/Leg Kicks – Walk like ATAT Walker


  • Child – Escape Pod, You are now in the escape pod and can relax your neck, hips, and back and you are safe. Take a deep breath into the top of your back/escape pod and breath out through your nose.
  • Belly Breathing and Relaxation – Lay down on your back. Like Hans Solo in Empire Strikes Back in Carbonite/Ice. Feel your breath inhale and exhale. I have the mental and physical POWER to keep my body in control.

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