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Instructor: Andrea Witherspoon

Community: Grades 3-5, Community Group, Athletic Club Setting, 45-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 25, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Props: CD player, CD, Freeze song CD, mats, breathing ball, river rocks, notes, yoga blocks, drum, posters, scented cotton balls

Lesson Plan:


  • *Mat Tag can be played upon arrival
  • Welcome and overview of ground rules – Have group repeat “I am strong, I can do it, I am in control.”
  • Name Toss and introductions
  • Calm section of Mat 20:
    • Belly Breathing
    • Pulse count


  • Block Creek
  • Active section of Mat 20:
    • Mountain – Spread your toes, press feet into ground, feel strength and stability of your mountain, lift belly, head and heart. Arms are back and down. Look straight ahead.
    • Upward Mountain – Activate your arms and upper body. Imagine laser beams coming out of the tips of your fingers.
    • Forward Bend – Bend forward. Touch the floor with your fingers. If your fingers don’t reach, bend your knees. Breathe into your back. Relax into your breath.
    • Bent Knee Lunge – Activate your arms and lengthen your tailbone. Engage your belly. Illuminate your upper body and ground your foot/knee into the mat.
    • Downward Dog – Press the four corners of your hands into the mat. Spread your toes. Lift your hips toward the back wall.
    • Plank – Engage your belly muscles and lengthen your tailbone.
    • Cobra – Lift your upper chest. Instead of pushing, pull your heart forward and keep shoulders back and down. Spread your fingers, you can lift your hands.
    • Downward Dog – Press the four corners of your hands into the mat. Spread your toes.
    • Repeat on Right side – Give children an opportunity to lead the poses of Mat 20 and drum and time for compliments.
  • Tree – Ground the four corners of your feet into the mat. Pelvis is neutral and heart and head are lifted. Gaze is straight forward.
  • Freeze Song


  • Twist (Laying down)
  • Changing Channels

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