Instructor: Jane Hulett

Community: Grades 3-4, Summer School Setting, 85 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Yoga Journals­ – Add pictures, poses, and ideas about your experiences in yoga this week.
  • Intro – Introduce the theme of Stillness as:  1. Control of your body or self­ control.  2. Learning how to soothe/calm yourself.  Learning stillness can help you gain confidence and handle conflict. *It is an inner peace that can be used at anytime.
  • Sharing – Ask “Who can share about what they do when they are upset or sad in order to feel better?” (ie. Students share about time with a pet, alone time in their bedroom, going outside) “Those are all ways that you use to make yourself “still” or feel better again. You are creating stillness for yourself. Doing yoga can also help you create stillness in your mind and your body.


  • Yoga Poses – Students look at a list of poses and see if there are ones they haven’t learned because of absences. Students volunteer to show each of the poses (explaining how they are activated/grounded as well.)
  • Belly Breathing – using the Hoberman Sphere.
  • Yoga Flow – Do a flowing yoga sequence: Table+Cat/Cow+Child’s Pose+Downward Dog+Forward Fold+Mountain+Roots+Tree+Staff+Boat+Twist+Bridge.


  • Relaxation – At the start of relaxation, students do rest pose as I read the book “Fireflies” to give an example of stillness in a boy’s decision. (In the story the boy is sad when his fireflies in the jar begin to weaken/lose their light, and he gets upset because they’re his that he just caught. Then he thinks about it and releases them. His tears turn into a smile as they light up again and fly away.) Calm music is then played and essential oil scent of Tangerine is added to the room.
  • Back Drawing ­ – To facilitate stillness, students form pairs and back draw parts of a summer afternoon rain storm, (adding a rainbow too!) Then they switch places.

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