Instructor: Caroline McGrath

Community: Grades 2-8, School Setting?, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 15, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing with Hoberman Sphere – Students decide how many breaths the group needs between 1-10 based on the energy within the group. Have them notice how they all breathe in and out as a group and how everyone is connected by their breath. Student leader and a counter – end with compliments.
  • Volcano Breath – First set of 2 breaths: as the students inhale, they think about what they need from the group, and as they exhale they envision receiving those needs from the group. Second set of 2 breaths: as they inhale, the students envision everyone in the group supporting one another and as they exhale they send support back to the group as a whole. Third set of 2 breaths: students send gratitude to the group members.


  • Tree Prep – Students activate their bodies and imagine someone close to them, a family or friend, holding them steady so their foot is firmly standing on the ground as they slowly lift their opposite foot bringing it up to tree pose. Repeat on other side.
  • Tree Circle – Students join together as a tree circle, supporting one another as some students run throughout the trees as animals in the forest. (Play with different variations of this) – One student uses the drum to determine the movement, pace and atmosphere such as: windy, stormy, sunny etc. Some variations: The trees come together as a group to keep from falling down during a wind storm and give each other some space as the sky becomes clear and they soak up the warmth of the sun beams.
  • Tree Challenge I – With a partner, students switch roles between being the tree and distracting the tree. Have a pair of students demonstrate for the group.
  • Tree Challenge II – With a partner, students support and challenge each other in Tree pose. Have a pair of students demonstrate for the group.


  • Twist – on each side.
  • One-Minute Relaxation – “Imagine yourself at your favorite spot. Invite people you feel close to, such as a family member, a friend, a pet, or a group of people, to join you. Notice what you’re thinking and how your body and heart feel.”
  • Mindful Moment Card – Chose a Community card to read to the group.

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