Instructor:  Ivett Almaguer

Community: Grades 1-3, 8 to 11 students a public Montessori Elementary School, After School Enrichment Class, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 28, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Props/Music/Resources Required: Hoberman Sphere

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – One student leads with Hoberman Sphere and another counts off a selected number of breaths.
  • Discussion – What is community? What does a community need to be happy?
  • Volcano Breath – Breathe in Love for your community. Breathe out the things that a community needs to be happy.


  • Mother Earth Song
  • Affirmations – Have a student lead these. Lines can be fed to leading students while the rest of class does response. “I am strong. (Horse stance with fists raised.) I am in control. (Activate star pose.) I am responsible. (Warrior I) I can do this! (Warrior II)” switch sides.
  • Cobra Circle – Direct students to engage this pose with the heart open rather than bunching shoulders together in a pinched fashion.
  • Volcano Breath – sending heart thoughts to friends who volunteer to be in the middle, everyone will get a chance to be in the center if they want
  • Partner Pull Activity
  • Shoulder Clock Activity
  • Mat Tag
  • Compliment Game


  • Relaxation – introduced with one-minute exploration- Imagine today is your birthday. Imagine all your friends and family and future friends and family from all over the world traveling to surround you and sing to you on your special day today. Look around at the smiles and loving eyes in the flickering lights of your birthday cake candles. Feel how they wish to celebrate your life and support you with Love and Happiness. Breathe in this Love and Happiness. Breathe out your Gratitude. You are Home. This is your Community.


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