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Instructor: Anna Marchio

Community: Grades 1-2, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 22, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • If weather permits, this may be a fun lesson to do outside.
    Dim the lights if done indoors.
  • Ring Chime
  • Belly Breathing – Ask a student to hold the Hoberman sphere. Have that students ask a friend to count the breaths.
  • Volcano Breath X2
  • Mindful Moments Card – for listening


  • Yoga Flow:
    • Start with child’s pose to tabletop
    • Tabletop to cat/cow
    • Downward dog
    • Step into forward fold
    • Chair with twists on each side
    • Forward fold to Mountain
    • Repeat bolded steps
    • Volcano Breath X 2
  • Social/Emotional Game –  Communication Game – Give class 1 situation per lesson. Start with re-state and add more each time. Teacher will need to do a lot of modeling. Put students in partners – skits. Use visual photos to help students understand the game.


  • Belly Breathing – Have students place beanie babies on student’s bellies – Turn on music.
  • Relaxation – story from Ready, Set, RELAX on page 116 and take their animals on an adventure.

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