Instructor: Chris Schirber

Plan Creation Date: 1/6/10

Community:  5th Grade Class

Principle 4: Strength

Beginning Relaxation (few mins): Tension relaxation exercise. See the difference between tension (strength) and relaxation. See that use of one leads to the other. I am grateful for my strength. May I use my strength for the benefit of all.


Mountain: A mountain is immovable over millennia. Feel your strength. Say to yourself, “I am strong.”

Arm Swings: Feel the arm swings strengthen the arm muscles. Think to yourself, “I am strong. I am in control.”

Upward Mountain/Crescent Moon: Feel how Crescent Moon brings strength to the side body. Imagine you are showering your classmates with strength through your fingertips.

Warrior I & II: Pair up and face one another for Warrior I and II. See each other’s strength. Say “I am strong. I can meet my responsibilities with confidence. I can overcome obstacles.” Radiate confidence and strength through your abdomen and fingertips.

Star: Think of someone in your life who needs a little extra strength at this time and radiate it out to him or her through your fingertips.

Tree: Think of the strength of the mighty oak and become that.

Triangle: The triangular design is used in architecture because of its strength. Feel how the angles of this posture help hold you in place.

Downward Dog: This posture deeply seats the bones in the sockets and is weight bearing, which increases bone strength. 

Social Emotional Activity:

Strong Voice (10-15 mins):  Realize that we all have a strong voice inside of us that we can call upon whenever we need.

Closing Relaxation (few mins): Guided relaxation in which students are asked to visualize themselves doing something successfully with which they have had some difficulty doing in the past. Guide them to affirm to themselves, “I am strong. I can do this.” Resolve to compliment others when you see that they have struggled to complete a task and have succeeded.

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