Instructor: Pamela Storry

Community: Grade 5, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 15, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • I CAN show strength by using a strong voice to stand up for others.
  • Environment: Play song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles while students get out Yoga mats.


  • Sharing – Share some of the significant words to the song (You can start speaking up, nothings going to hurt you the way that words do, let the words fall out, I want to see you be brave). The song is an example of finding emotional strength in your words.
  • Volcano Breath


  • Woodchopper
  • Warrior I and II (How does a warrior show strength?)
  • Star
  • Strong Voice/Strong Voice Worksheet


  • Read short book – “Say Something” by Peggy Moss
  • Relaxation Pose – Imagine yourself showing strength by speaking up to help someone that is getting teased or bullied.

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