Instructor: Chris Schirber

Plan Creation Date: 1/6/10

Community: 5th Grade Class

Principle 2: Listening

Beginning Relaxation (3-5 mins): Listen to the sounds around you. Going from the most obvious to the subtler. Finally listen to silence itself and see how it brings you to a relaxed centered state. Maintain this state of inner silence as we move into the postures. Set the intention of really listening to what your body has to tell you today.

Postures (10 mins):

Belly Breathing: Listen to your breath as it quiets down, becomes deep and relaxed. As we move through the postures maintain the ideal breath. If you hear your breath become disturbed, see what might be corrected to bring the ideal breath back.

Chair Twist: “Listen” to how this impacts your body.

Roots: By listening to the various instructions, students learn to listen and follow directions.

Star: Shine out your silence to others in the classroom.

Arm Swings: Listen to your body and breath as you coordinate your movements.

Chair Dog: “Listen” to your body for areas of tension and release.

Forward Bend: Notice how forward bends allow you to release tension and become more aware of what is happening inside of you.

Eagle: Engage ujaya breath. Let the sound of everyone’s breath energize you.

Pulse Count: See how an active pose like eagle can cause your heart rate to increase.

Child: Take a moment to let your breath quiet down again.

Social Emotional Activity:

Happiness Recipe (shortened version/10-13 mins): Listening to yourself and hearing your desires is the first step toward their realization. It is a way of self-knowing.

Closing Relaxation (few mins): With the help of meditation bells students will be asked to follow the sound of the bell into silence.  May my stillness be an inspiration to others. May the quiet place in myself inspire others to find the quiet place in themselves.

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