Instructor: Vanessa Gill

Community: Grade 2, 45-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: Remaining Calm and controlling our bodies in this space.

Props/Music Resources Required: Music, Mats

Lesson Plan:


  • Set the tone for a calm session (Calm).
  • Volcano Breath – Start w/ Seated Volcano Breath (have students lead).
  • Set Group & Individual Intentions – I’ll share intention for the group. Allow the students opportunity to share their own personal intentions.


  • Archetypes Game or Mat Tag – Allow students to guide & direct the game
  • Move into a standing flow.
  • Woodchopper (student Lead) & Forward Fold
  • Flow into Mountain & Star rotation
  • Flow from Star to Warrior to Side Angle (flow through each side 3 times)
  • Mountain – Hold Mountain & check in – Feet Grounded, Legs Strong, Strong Arms – Fingers free: Wiggle out (release) energy.
  • Forward Fold, Mountain to Star
  • Forward Fold – From Star flow into a chest stretch with arms wide then into a wide legged Forward Fold – Check in with Feet: Wider than shoulder length apart & Planted firmly on the ground, Arms: Take a comfortable variation, Legs: Strong and extended, Head: Allow it to hang low below your shoulders. Brings hands to a T and slowly raise up with a flat back. Heel toe feet together into a forward fold.
  • Cat/Cow – Kneel to all 4’s – Flow through cat cow w/ chimes cuing transitions (flow through 4 times) – Inhale cat: raise back, suck tummy in, roll head in and look towards, Exhale Cow: raise head up, lower belly and sink your back in.
  • Table Top & Child’s Pose – Come back to a table top then inhale and slide hands forward and move into child’s pose. Allow compliments for student leader


  • Changing Channels – (5-7 minutes) – Choose a student leader to pick 2 examples for students to change channels with. Allow 2-3 students to lead & give examples.
  • Community Circle – Allow students to individually share how they are feeling.
  • Short Story & Back Drawing – Form a large group circle for back drawing with a guided story & students.
  • Final Relaxation – (2-3 minutes) – Begin w/ guided relaxation. Energy should already be calm. Start students off by calming their bodies and minds (30-40 seconds)
    Then allow them to remain in silence and have the freedom to give themselves what they need. Examples include: Sitting/laying in silence, Going on the “boat ride”, Tightening and relaxing muscles to calm the body & mind, Channeling your “happy/safe place”, Awareness & power check, Noticing – Feet: grounding & strength, Legs: power, Arms & hands: Release energy, Breath: release.

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