Instructor: Vanessa Gill

Community: Grade 2, 45-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: Ground our bodies on the mat, Explore how and when you can ground yourself outside of this space.

Props/Music Resources Required: Music, Mats

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing and Chime – Use Chime to cue start of breath, take 5 as a group. Student led: Chime holder, sphere holder and counter.
  • Set Weekly Intention – What grounds you? Share in small or large group. Breath work (Calm flows into Active).
  • Seated Breath – Student lead with sphere.


  • Volcano Breath – Add arms & move into volcano breath.
  • Table Top and Cat/Cow – w/ breath…leads to cat & cow. Student leader on the front mat to help while I talk them through the movement.
  • Alternate Arm & Leg Stretch – with breath. Do each side twice & breath 4 seconds in as you move into the pose & out as you release the pose . Move from tabletop to kneeling position.
  • Forward Fold – Breath into a forward fold, slowly raise up to a standing position.
  • Standing Breath
  • Mountain w/ Volcano Breath & Crescent Moon on the right – Flow to crescent moon on right. Repeat on the left side. ****Remember to allow your breath to guide your transitions in and out or poses & ease into them. Allow your arms to release energy out as you stretch. Inhale good feelings and happiness and release anything that doesn’t feel good***** Allow for compliments for student leader.
  • Physical Grounding (flow)
    • Woodchopper – Ground your feet: Foundation for your strength. Legs are strong and build your power. Arms and breath release energy. Woodchop (levels) silent, medium, loud, normal voice. Utilize a student volunteer to guide woodchop and standing sequence to follow.
    • Forward Fold – Standing Sequence: Choose another student volunteer.
    • Mountain Pose – Grounded feet, strong legs & arms
    • Star – Flow from mountain to star. Hold star position
    • Warrior 2 – Flow from star to Warrior 2 on right side. Remember to check in with yourself the entire time: Are they planted? With strong legs? Every pose requires some sort of grounding Ex: hands or feet depending on pose. Allow compliments for student leader.
    • Strong Voice – Section Intro – Discuss with partners: Name someone who represents strength. Who is strong for you? What makes them strong?
      Who are you strong for? Move into large group share: Allow several students to share with the entire group. What are characters or “Archetypes” that we commonly view as strong? What makes them strong? “Keep this in mind as we explore what strength is and how we find our own strength.
    • Archetype Game – Start by walking (SILENTLY) around the room at a normal speed – Listen for instructions on how to move
      • Happy
      • Sad
      • Nervous
      • Excited
    • Then begin to name Archetypes
      • Warrior/Warrioress
      • Orphan
      • Hero
      • King/Queen
    • Allow students to choose archetypes for everyone.
    • Partner Pair Share – When do archetype help us? Give an example and have a student give an example before sharing in pairs. Allow students to share in large groups.


  • Sharing Circle – Close with everyone saying who they are strong for (give an example)
  • Seated Breath – lead by students: Chime holder, sphere holder and counter. Allow for compliments for leaders.
  • Guided Relaxation – Scripted guided relaxation such as the boat ride.

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