Instructor: Amy Dalsimer

Community: Grade 2, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 7, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Props/Resources: drum

Lesson Plan:


  • Introduction – Today’s Yoga Calm focus will be on Grounding. Grounding means that your body feels connected to the earth- you feel a sense of calmness and strength… safe and secure. Our bodies can feel different at different times…How does your body feel when you are reading a book, the night before Christmas or your birthday, just before taking a spelling test, out at recess, playing a game with a friend? Today we are going to practice “tuning in” to our own bodies. Let’s begin with Volcano Breaths.
  • Volcano Breath – Have a student lead the class with 4 volcano breaths, pausing at the top of each breath. Another child may count the breaths (compliments and thanks yous).
  • Pulse Count – Take pulse count for 30 seconds. Have students do 30 jumping jacks and repeat pulse count. Notice if their is a difference happening inside your body.


  • Activate/Relax – Today we are going to play Activate/Relax a little differently. We are going to walk around the room in a very relaxed way, slowly, calmly, softly. When you hear the drum beat that means it’s time to Activate, and we will activate in a very strong Warrior II. Let’s try a couple of times then a volunteer can lead the class. (compliments and thank-yous)
  • Yoga Flow – Have students go to their “yoga spots”. Review different postures in today’s flow. Teacher will lead flow once then students will lead flow for a total of 3x. Introduce today’s flow: Mountain, Star, Warrior II, Triangle, Warrior II, Star, Mountain
  • Roots – While in yoga spots, introduce Roots through a visualization of a big tree with strong roots holding onto the ground. With feet hip-width apart, slowly begin to rock back and forth keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground just like a big tree. Make this rocking movement smaller and smaller until you are still and balanced int he middle. Next, do the same big movement side to side and slowly return to center. Now try circles to the left, notice how you can feel the different muscles in your feet working. Try going to the right, moving into smaller circles until back at center. Now try Roots with your eyes closed! Did having your eyes closed make you feel different in your body?
  • Reflection – We have done a variety of grounding activities today; volcano breaths, pulse count, activate/relax, warrior II, triangle, star, mountain and roots. Out of all these Grounding activities, which one might help you feel grounded in your body if you were… scared, mad, sad, excited? or which one felt the best to you?


  • Back Breathing – with a partner. One student is in child’s pose and the partner rests hands on child’s back. Do this for 1 minute and switch.

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