Instructor: Piper Paulish

Community: Grade 2 Classroom

Plan Creation Date: February 17, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening II

Lesson Plan:

  • Stillness – Belly Breathing with the Hoberman Sphere. Watch as your classmate gently draws the sphere in and out, in and out like the balloon you inflate in your belly as you inhale and deflate as you exhale.
  • Strength – Chair Flow 15, concentrating on Warrior I and Warrior II asking self, Who are you strong for?
  • Listening and Community – Trust Walk and Sensory Walk: Kiddos choose and lead a friend by the index finger gently around the room, watching and guiding them carefully. Partners release at teachers cue, return to starting spots and try to guess who the guide. Class discussion around sensitivity and awareness of awakening the use of other senses. Sensory Walk the same, but leaders lead blind partners to objects and they try to guess what they are asked to touch.
  • Grounding – Child Pose: To come back into self and calm before transition, come into child pose to end the session.

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