Instructor:  Rafaela Steen

Community: Grade 1, no previous yoga experience as a class, Classroom Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 6, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Goal: help students to experience their strength

Props/Music/Resources Required: Hoberman Sphere, Anjali cd

Lesson Plan:


  • Hoberman Breathing – led by student with counter, compliments for student and counter
  • Pulse Count – 15 seconds


  • Mountain – Can you turn into a strong, activated mountain with your body?
  • Star – Think of yourself as a strong, activated shining star. Spread your fingers and toes out like rays of sunshine- letting the strength of the rays go right through your fingers and your feet out into the world.
  • Chair – Use positive self-talk- “I am strong, I am in control, I can do it.” Have student lead
  • Woodchopper – On the second time try having “huh” come from the deepest part of your belly- did you notice a difference?


  • One Minute Exploration – lights off , music on – You are about to explore a mountain. You find yourself in a meadow, a big field of grass and beautiful flowers. You see a path winding up the side of the mountain and you want to check it out. You notice trees, clouds, animals, as you climb up the path. What else do you see, hear, taste, feel, touch as you climb the mountain? You reach the very top and look out- what do you see from way up there? You notice Nima running towards you- she hands you a very special gift- you open it and smile with all your heart.
  • Sharing – Have a few students share out about the gift they received.

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