Summer Girls Group Workshop

Instructor: Anna Thedford

Lesson Plan Creation Date: Summer 2009

Theme: Listening

Estimated time: 1-1.5hrs

Lesson Plan:


Start with relaxation: Imagine lying in a field of wildflowers where you can hear your calm voice.

During relaxation, prompt questions from Yoga Calm for Children “Calm Voice Worksheet” p.107.

Start Mat 20, stopping to do roots before the sun salutation flow. (Roots: Listening to body to see where your edge is when doing small circles; try it closing your eyes while still listening to the body. Is it telling you to slow down?)

Continuing by doing 3-4 rounds of the sun salutation flow, alternating who leads the group and give time for compliments.

Trust Walk and Sensory Adventure

Tree pose



Pulse count

Relaxation: Read a story from a children’s fairy tale book

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