Summer Girls Group Workshop

Instructor: Anna Thedford

Lesson Plan Creation Date: Summer 2009

Theme: Grounding

Duration: 1 hour

Lesson Plan:

Check-in: Introduce each other

Establish Ground Rules

What does Grounding mean? Ask group members for input.

Examples of Grounding: Standing tall and proud, believing in yourself, being balanced.

Explain that today’s theme is grounding and all the poses we do are going to be about our theme of Grounding or will help us feel grounded.

Start yoga with MAT 20 three times. Incorporate students leading and compliments throughout lesson.

Roots: Explain feeling like a tree with our roots coming from our feet into the ground to stand strong and balanced. Use partners and feel the difference between activated bodies and feet together vs. feet apart to help ground ourselves.

Tree Pose and partner poses supporting one another in tree

Star into triangle

Eagle Pose

Move to floor poses: Cat/Cow- Superman- Child Pose

Play Game Block Creek

End in relaxation incorporating the question of “Who in your life helps you feel grounded?”

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