Instructor: Lyndsay Morris

Community: Girls Group, 35-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 9, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


Belly Breathing (four min.): One student leads with Hoberman Sphere, while another student counts the number of breaths. After the activity, students give compliments to the Breathing Ball leader and counter.

Volcano Breath (five min.): Stand with feet hip-width apart, place palms together at heart. Take a slow deep, deep breath through the nose and pause when the lungs are full. Hold the pause and bring the arms up over the head. Exhale and slowly “explode the volcano,” moving arms out to the side and then back together at heart.

  • Repeat and this time think of something you would like to bring into your life. As you exhale, you can shower this image around you.
  • Discussion: We have talked about the importance of being strong and accessing our strong voice when necessary. Today we are going to be focusing on being still, calm, and activating the calm voice. We will discuss when one should use a calm voice and when one should use a strong voice.


Eagle (five min.): From standing, bend knees slightly, as in Chair. Lift your left leg off the floor and cross your left knee tightly over right knee. Hug your foot into your shin or hook the toes of your left foot behind your right calf. Spread your arms like wings and take then overhead. Bend your elbows and hook your left elbow under your right elbow in front of your heart. Point your thumbs toward your nose and grab your right palm with your left, or place backs of hands together. Lift elbows up and stretch your fingers toward the sky. Repeat on other side.

  • Discussion: How would you describe an eagle? What qualities of an eagle do you think are important to be like?
  • Discussion: Why is it important to be calm?

Calm Voice (10-20 min.): Students lie down on mats and melt into the ground. Teacher reads Calm Voice Worksheet and students ponder their answers to the questions.

  • Students complete the Calm Voice Worksheet independently.
  • Discussion: Is anyone willing to share their answers?


Mindful Moment Card (three min.): Take the next minute to listen to your breath. See if you can follow your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Imagine your favorite color and picture yourself breathing that color in and out. What does that color mean to you?

Changing Channels (10 min.): Ask the students to shut their eyes and notice what they begin to think about- what is on their minds. Then tell them they are going to practice changing the channel in their minds. See page 108 to read the directions to change channels.

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