Instructor: Samantha Thompson

Community: Elementary Ages, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Listen to the Chime – Ring a bell and ask students to breathe deeply during the sound with their eyes closed or looking at the ground.  They can look up when they can detect the change between sound and silence.  Off a student an opportunity to lead breathing and repeat.
  • Partner Breathing – listen to your partner’s breath and try to match it.  Work to slow and deepen your breath with your partner.


  • Chair Routine – mountain picture on screen or poster to refer to
Mountain, upward mountain- what sounds do you hear up on a mountain as you breathe in the mountain air?
  • Forward Bend – Bend down like water flowing down the mountain stream.  What does that water sound like?
  • Lunge, Upward Lunge – walking through fields of wildflowers through the mountains, what do you hear?  Do you hear the breeze or insects flying from flower to flower?
  • Chair Dog
  • Lunge, Upward Lunge – (other side)- looking up to the trees, extend your arms to the sky.  What sounds would you hear from the trees in the mountain? Leaves, birds…
  • Forward Bend
  • Chair – Imaginary chair sit- activate the muscles in your legs and expand your arms.  Keep breathing in the mountain air and allow that breath to move through your muscles and give you strength and focus to keep hearing the mountain sounds.
  • Upward Mountain/Mountain – Start to bring yourself back to the classroom.  Start notice the sounds around you and the focus and breath of others around you.
  • Twist – Sit in your chair and twist one way, giving your insides a nice massage.  Then twist the other way while breathing through.


  • Compliment Circle – Give each student an opportunity to be in the center to receive on compliment from each person.  Ask the student in the center to make eye contact and listen to the person as they give a compliment.
  • Relax Reflection – Take a minute to breathe.  Reflect on what it felt like to receive compliments.   How did you feel giving compliments to others?  Can you think of someone else in your life that you would like to compliment?  Think about what you might say.  Take these feelings and breathe them in. Take one more deep breath and then wiggle your fingers and toes.  Roll to your side to get up.

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