Instructor: Laura McCaghy

Community: Elementary Ages, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Class Intention: Main principle I want to convey- Strength/grounding
How I will set the tone to create a therapeutic environment- everyone has their own space (classroom, so we’ll use desk/table spots vs. mats).  Which specific challenging behavior am I trying to address? – anti-bulling; feeling confident, strong, grounded within yourself.
INTRODUCTION:  I can learn strategies to increase my confidence and problem-solving skills in order to help prevent bullying for myself and for others.
DISCUSS:  What is bullying?  What are some characteristics of a “bully?” Be sure to touch on direct and “indirect” forms of bullying.

Lesson Plan:


  • Breathing Techniques – (integrating principle-based & social/emotional language):
    Teach belly breathing; Use “magic ball” technique (creating a “hoberman” with their hands as they breathe in and out.  As they breathe, have them think of someone who could use something positive in their lives (ex. Strength, positivity, love, confidence, etc.).  Imagine they are breathing that positive thing in and exhaling it out into the world and to that person they are thinking of.
  • Sharing – Allow for volunteers who want to share what they visualized during this breathing exercise.


  • Yoga Flow – (Yoga-Based Movement integrating principle-based & social/emotional language): Roots; Mt./Upward Mountain; Star; Warrior 2 (discuss how each portrays grounding and strength)
  • Bully Prevention Activity – Bullying Prevention demo (with a volunteer) – Discuss the “double message.” My language says “stop.” My body says “keep going, I’m having fun.” Which message are you most likely to believe? Go over poster of steps for addressing harassment: In a kind way, tell the person to stop. Say it again.  This time, ground your feet, use your strong voice, and say the person’s name. Give a warning—for example, “I’m going to tell a teacher,” or “I’m going to stop playing with you.” (brainstorm other possible warnings). Tell a teacher or follow through with the warning. Make an appointment with the school counselor. Note:  You may have to do this many times before a person will stop the harassing behavior.  Keep trying, and believe in yourself!
  • Strong Voice Exercise (p. 122)


  • Relaxation – (Relaxation integrating the physical, emotional, and cognitive experiences from the lesson plan): Read the story “Ladybird’s Remarkable Relaxation.” Do the relaxation at the end of the book. Tell students to remember to use their belly breaths during the relaxation. Tell students to think about what they can do to prevent bullying (for themselves and/or for others).
  • Discussion —have volunteers share their ideas for bullying prevention.

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