Instructor: Jennifer Johnson

Community: Elementary Ages, Day Treatment Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Hoberman Sphere Breath—I lead the group in practicing belly breathing in and out through the nose and counting the breath in sync and rhythm together with the Hoberman Sphere.   We start with 5 breaths.  One student comes up that has been intent and appears grounded in their body (feet on the floor, relaxed yet engaged posture, attentive by watching and focused, still).  The student chooses between 3-8 breaths tuning into what the group needs right now.  A volunteer is asked to count and practice being in sync with the student leading with the sphere.  After the breaths, the group is asked if they have any compliments for the student leaders.
  • Body Scan – Lead students through a short body scan to feel if they are grounded.  Help them to find grounding points such as their feet, hands on their knees, while at the same time, feeling an invisible string gently pulling them upward.


  • Roots—Students are asked to feel into the four corners of their feet and circle
  • Mountain—Students imagine being grounded like a mountain, what do they see?  Breathe Activate Expand.
  • Tree—Students feel the four corners of their roots growing down, being held in the earth.  At the same time, they are reaching for the sun, reaching up from a place of roots and groundedness, they can feel flexible in the weather, the wind, as things change around them.  Invite a student who is showing stillness in their balance to lead the class in one side each of tree.
  • Community Tree—When we are all grounded and supporting one another, we can count on one another to help us as we grow—reaching down with our roots and up with our branches.


  • Compliment Game—hearing what we do well helps us feel grounded in our own bodies, minds and hearts and as part of our community.  What else helps you feel grounded?  Imagine your roots reaching down.  Name things that help you feel grounded to yourself as you reach down with your roots and breathe in and out belly breaths.  Know you can always access your roots and feel them supporting you everywhere you go.

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