Instructor:  Anya Patton

Community: Elementary Ages, Counseling Group, 50-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 8, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: Friendship

Props/Music Resources required: Hoberman sphere, Drum, and music/ipod

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with the Hoberman’s Sphere and drum – Bring your hand to your belly and lets take turns leading in breath. Bring a few more students up for demonstration of breath. Compliments encouraged after each round.
  • Rules – Go over Yoga Calm Ground Rules


  • Volcano Breath – Bring your hands to your heart and think of someone from the community that you appreciate, maybe someone you have not thought of for awhile, like your school janitor, or the man who drives your groceries to the store.
  • Mat Tag – Set up the rules ahead of time. Each child can choose a movement when tagged, like slow motion, hopping, skipping, etc. Music stopped means freeze.
  • Pulse Count – Find your pulse and feel your heart enjoying this fun, friend activity.
  • Top 10 – A nice segway for partner activities after mat tag.
  • Shoulder Clock – Every one find a partner/friend that matches you in height. You all have to really cooperate and focus to get the real benefits. Remember to breathe!
  • Partner Pull – Stand facing on another, grab opposite arms and say “safe and secure”, make eye contact. Now each of you knows the other person is ready to sit back. Remember this is not tug-o-war. Be strong and stable.


  • Guided Imagery – weave in ideas about friendship, animals and nature.
  • A thank you! – at the end of this session, ask students to look into each others’ eye and say thank you for being here!

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