Instructor: Julie Wiesner

Community: Counseling Group

Plan Creation Date: May 2, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:

Decorate mats with gifts from the garden.


  • Belly breathing with Hoberman Sphere/student volunteer/compliments
  • Pulse Count
  • Changing Channels
  • Volcano Breaths: Take a moment and really listen to what your heart is communicating with you today. Pair up and share with a friend what you are hearing from your heart. Take volunteers to share with the group.


  • Activate/Relax walk. Use variations: yoga poses; sports. Have students choose poses.
  • Mountain: Listen to the wise mountain…what do we have to learn from nature? From those who walked the earth before us?
  • Upward Mountain: Send these lessons from the earth up to the sky.
  • Crescent Moon: Listen from above to the wisdom sent from earth.
  • Star: Think about your wishes for yourself, for your family and friends, for our world; send those wishes out to the universe.
  • Warrior 2: Think of someone you want to be strong for today.
  • Yes/No Game with discussion


  • Belly breathing lying on mat: While breathing, tune into your feelings. Where do you feel it in your body?
  • Twist
  • Guided Meditation: “Lost Land” on p. 112 of Ready…Set…R.E.L.A.X.

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