Instructor: Jeff Albin

Plan Creation Date: February 10, 2009

Community: Classroom, Grades 4-5

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening with stillness sub-theme

Activity Instructional Notes

Begin w/ standard Pulse Breath Sequence

Students in Mountain Pose

Intro Remarks: I explain that when I do yoga at home it is a quiet practice. I further explain that the only reason I speak is to guide them through the poses. I ask if they want to try something different. If I get permission I tell them today we are going to do a yoga flow without talking. Whenever we are in a pose where they can’t see me, such as forward bend or child, I will knock on the gym floor when it comes time to move into another pose.

Stillness: Mountain Pose – listening just to breath and heart

Listening : Silent Sun Salutation Sequence with warrior flow

Grounding/Relaxation: End with body scan (I don’t have time to write a complete script for this but will gladly demonstrate this).


Follow-up/Notes: I noticed when I closed my eyes during the silent flow the students seemed to get more into it as well. I learned the body scan in a recent class and did it immediately afterwards in three classes and received good feedback. I plan to combine these two in an upcoming class.

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