Instructor:  Janice Jordan

Community: Ages/Grades?, Therapy for children, Therapy Yoga room, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: June 15, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

Class Intention: Create a sense of community in group.  In Yoga Therapy room, soft light and music.  Put up community posters


  • Volcano breath – lead by two children standing face to face.  Make sounds of volcano together.
  • Opening remarks – How breathing together helps us unify and work together.  Examples of healthy community; how people pull together after a storm.  Ask children for examples.


  • Yoga-based Activities – Remind children to breathe deeply during poses
  • Yoga Calm Mat 20 – teaching foot and hand pads and knee alignment.
  • Tree Circle – have children demonstrate
  • Tree Challenge – have children demonstrate
  • Shoulder Clock – have children demonstrate
  • Social Emotional Activities – Harassment prevention activity on page 117 of Yoga Clam for Children
  • Trust Walk – If time do Trust Walk on page 126 of Yoga Calm for Children


  • Relaxation – Brief progressive muscle relaxation page 133 Yoga Calm for Children
  • From Mindful Moment Cards – Picture a time when you shared a wonderful meal with family and friends. What were you eating? Who made the meal?


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