Instructor:  Renee Combs

Community: Ages/Grades?, Setting?

Plan Creation Date: January 14, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Goal: This lesson will be used to introduce the tools to work together in a calm environment.  The intention, or goal, is to create an environment of respect for each other and yourself. Students will experience methods of breathing and imagery to use for finding their personal calm voice. Students will practice peaceful verbal and non-verbal communication with others.

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Hoberman Sphere Belly Breathing demonstrated by teacher, and then student lead
  • Opening Remarks – We want to set a safe and trusting environment so that all of us have an opportunity to focus and learn.


  • Star Pose – Begin with Star Pose – “Have students look up and think of something they would like to share with the world and shine it out like the sun.”
  • Star Galaxy – Create a Star Galaxy by coming into a circle and pressing hands together.
  • Star Pose – “Standing with feet wide, open your arms wide and high and shine your heart”
  • Wide Angle Forward Fold – “Bring your arms out wide and fold forward leading with your heart.” “Step to the front, bringing your arms up high looking to the sky, then hands together and down to Heart Center with Breath.”
  • Star Pose – Repeat stepping back facing opposite direction into Star Pose
  • Personal Space Game – Social Emotional Activity – Talk about respecting a person’s personal space, and non-verbal vs. verbal communication


  • Discussion – Why do some people have different boundaries for personal space?  What does your personal space say about your personality?
  • Relaxation – Heads down for Guided Imagery, Think of 3 things you learned in this lesson. Pause. Choose one of the 3 things and think about how it might help you have a good day today.  Pick your head up and Pair/Share with your neighbor.

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