Instructor: Renee Carrillo

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: July 31, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Pulse Count – Listen to the beat of your heart
  • Breathing with Sphere – One student opens & closes sphere/another counts to 10


  • Volcano Breath (seated) – Hands at heart center, IN move hands up to the sky/EX circle arms out to the side and bring back to heart center
  • Rock and Roll – Rock back and forth 5 times bringing self to standing
  • Name Toss – Using a soft object, toss to someone as you say your own name; starting a second round, say a person’s name and toss the object to them
  • Warrior I – Pair up with someone, notice how strong each person looks, let your strength radiate out from the tips of your fingers
  • Archetype Game – Listen for the drum beat/grow into your character w/4 beats
  • Warrior II – hold pose then move to Rising Moon – Listen to your breath and flow – Inhale to Rising Moon/Exhale to Warrior II  (5)
  • Activate/Relax/Walk – Activate to Dancer


  • Happiness Recipe Worksheet – Have children fill out and discuss their recipes
  • Relaxation – Become the animal from your happiness worksheet. Take some time to explore where this animal lives, what is the weather like, or does the animal live indoors, what kind of food does your animal eat, what kind of noise does your animal make? What does your animal smell like? Is your animal big, little, medium-sized? How does your animal play? As the animal begins to wander off in the distance, you remain listening to the beat of your own heart and start to wiggle fingers and toes. Reach the arms overhead and stretch out. Roll to one side then come up to a seated position.
  • Hands to Heart Center
    • Heart – Compassion
    • Mouth– Kind Words
    • Forehead – Positive Thoughts

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