Instructor:  Jeannie Cziesla

Community: Ages 7 – 10, Yoga Studio

Plan Creation Date: April 8, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

Props/Music Resources required: Mini-pinwheels; Straws cut in half; Eye pillows; Playlist; iPod with speakers


  • Discussion – Interaction with kids – We are all unique individuals and bring something special into this world; We are also part of many different communities – Kids share some communities they belong to; As individuals we can be strong, but with the help of others/our communities we can get lots of support; we can pretty much deal with anything in life as long as we have support.
  • Breathing – with Hoberman Ball – Show kids how to use Hoberman ball; Talk about importance of breath in yoga.

Other Breathing Activities

  • Pinwheel breath – Practice pinwheel breath together, notice how it slows our breath; Straw breath – “Sip” air through the straw, then blow it out slowly; think about drinking tall glass of lemonade then blowing bubbles into it on exhale.


  • Arm Raises – Let arms paint a rainbow in the sky; inhale as they go up; exhale as they come down.
  • Sun Salutation – Use language like extending arms like rays of the sun; talk through each pose; remind them of their own strength; Feel their strong bodies in each pose; “Imagine someone who has helped you” as they hold strong poses.
  • Roots – Now we ground our bodies; finding our center.
  • Tree Pose – Get in circle; Feel the strength of our legs; slowly move into tree. Can you imagine someone helping to support you in this pose; does that help to imagine support?
  • Tree Circle – Notice how our bodies feel as we stand alone in tree, feel the sway and our strength; Now extend hands up to press against palms of persons on either side of you; how does this feel? Different than when you stood alone?; What happens when a storm comes in (make “wind” and “storm” with waving arms); press into each other’s hands; how does that feel in the midst of the storm?
  • Partner Pull – Demonstrate Partner Pull with student; We need our partner to support us in this pose to feel the stretch; we are helping each other; both people are integral part of pose; Make eye contact/communicate with our partner before rising up.
  • Shoulder Clock – Demonstrate shoulder clock with student; Find different partner; Work with partner to stretch your shoulder and arm; press lightly into each other’s palms; see how we can benefit when we work together.


  • Lying Twist – Time to get our body ready for relaxation; Knees bent, feet on floor, arms out to sides, let knees fall to left – switch sides.
  • Relaxation – with Music (start with “Lullaby” by Cris Williamson).  Ask kids who would like an eye pillow (use tissue under eye pillow); As they settle into relaxation ask them to let themselves be held by the earth, feel the earth supporting them; Who else do they feel supported/held by? Can you see that person in your mind?  Read “Breath” poem from Twist after music over.
  • Breathing – with Hoberman ball – Student volunteer to lead; Compliments for leader.


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