Community: 5-9 Years Old

Session #5:  Listening

Instructor: Kathy Flaminio

Plan Creation Date: 3/10/09

Lesson Plan:

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Mats
  • Name Cards
  • Mindful Snack
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Hoberman sphere
  • CD
  • Red paper Hearts and Markers


  1. Welcome: Today we are going to focus on our hearts. Often we listen to our heads rather than follow our hearts. What does it mean to listen to your heart?
  2. Breathing: With Sphere
  3. Draw on the hearts things that make you happy, your heart flutter
  4. Pulse Rate for one minute
  5. Volcano Breath: Send those peaceful thoughts out to yourself. Use the heart today as your focal point and also as a reminder to listen and follow your heart.
  6. Chest Expansion: Opening up the heart
  7. Mat Flow: Bowing down to the heart
  8. Dancer: Free, open heart
  9. Trust walk with discussion afterwards: regarding listening through touch and feelings rather than words.
  10. Place the paper heart on their hearts for relaxation: Progressive relaxation with the ending focus on the heart. Heart is open and wise… Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Breathe deeply into your heart. Your heart has something very important to say to you. Ask what your heart has to say and listen for the answer. Breathing here for a few minutes. Roll to the right and let your body be cradled in fetal position; let your heart relax. Come into a seated position. Place hands at heart center lift them to forehead for “peaceful thoughts”, lower them to your mouth for “peaceful words” and lower them to your heart for “peaceful actions.”
  11. Mindful Snack
  12. Compliments

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