Community: 5-9 Years Old

Session #2: Stillness

Instructor: Kathy Flaminio

Plan Creation Date: 3/10/09

Lesson Plan:

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Mats
  • Name Cards
  • Mindful Snack Platter or tea set
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Hoberman sphere
  • CD
  • Cotton Balls with oils
  • Post-It notes and markers


  1. Welcome: Introduce the idea of Stillness/Calm. What helps you stay calm? Draw out the calm object or person on a paper/Post-It note
  2. Breathing: With Sphere; student lead; 12 times; begin to listen for the stillness inside
  3. Pulse Rate: 15 seconds
  4. Volcano Breath: Send out thoughts to the person or thing that helps you stay calm; share
  5. Mat 20: Student lead with teacher talking. Use the calm picture you have drawn to be your focal point for balance poses and for forward folds
  6. Butterfly/Cobblers pose
  7. Child’s pose: Place calm picture by your heart
  8. Forward fold: Talk about these poses keep us calm
  9. Back breathing
  10. Relaxation Story: Progressive relaxation so they can feel what the contrast is between tense and relax, then quiet the body into the mat and let yourself go to a place with that person or object that helps you feel calm (picture is now placed on their hearts as they are in relaxation)
  11. Mindful snack
  12. Compliments for those that brought snack and led
  13. Snack assignment

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