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Instructor: Theresa Tuma

Community: Ages 4-5, School/Classroom Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Class Intention (how to set therapeutic tone): Soft music, relaxation cd, low lights, calm voice

Lesson Plan:


  • Breath Work – (volcano, sphere, bean bag on belly) – Belly Breathing with hoberman sphere
  • Opening Remarks (set expectations-book, flower, picture from nature, story telling with eyes closed) (How will students feel during this? What topic are we talking about?) – picture of ocean on SMARTboard – talking about breath, hands on stomach like ocean waves – listening to breath (fast, slow, heavy, light) – with their eyes closed and breathing, tell them ocean can be calm or loud. Today we are thinking about a calm ocean with soft waves.


  • Yoga-Based Activities (5-8 pose) – Pretending we are on boat in ocean:
    • Roots – rooted into boat floor
    • Warrior Two – strong sailor
    • Twist – gentle waves guiding us back and forth
    • Warrior One – mast on the boat-strong and sturdy
    • Child’s Pose (rough water, safe to ground)
    • Volcano Breath to end – ocean calm again and we are grounded in our breath
  • Social Emotional Activities (how do we feel, what did we notice?) – Calm Voice Activity – p. 106 How does the ocean sound (sometimes it can be gentle and other times it can be loud)? What is a calm voice? Close your eyes and imagine what mom’s voice sounds like, now dad’s voice. What does your voice sound like? What voices do we like? What voices can make it seem like we are angry? What kind of voice should we use with others when we are upset?
  • Discussion – (reflect) Did we like the game? Was it difficult? Fun? Come back as a group and discuss a voice we heard as we went through the questions. Whose voice was it? How does the voice sound when different things happen? What kind of voice do we like best? What voice feels good to hear?


  • Relaxation – (prepare students for the rest of their day-what is the schedule? How can we remember what we have learned?) – Lay down on backs, imagine that you are upset with a friend. What kind of voice can you use to tell that friend how you feel? If you yell or hit, how would they feel? How would you feel if someone yelled at you or hit you? A calm voice shows others we care.

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