Instructor: Anita Lamour

Community: Ages 3-9, Fitness Club Setting, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: August 28, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Words: We can have fun when we work together

Lesson Plan:


  • Friendship Game
  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman sphere—student leader & counter-emphasize teamwork. Compliment the two children’s teamwork.


  • Volcano Breath – standing at top of mat- on inhale, think of someone who helps them. As they exhale and open arms, send out “thank you’s-gratitude” to them. Next time on inhale think of someone they can help. On exhale send helping energy out to them. Student leader, compliments.
  • Yoga Flow – (Sun Salutation A) – Pick a new leader – Roots,deep into earth, like a tree. Mountain — wear your crown! Upward Mountain – touch the sky. Forward Bend, Plank — strong enough to hold a Zoo!, Cobra, soft snake belly, lift your chest and hiss, Downward Dog, sunbeam fingers, tent-rope arms, wag your tail! Repeat 2x more, add crescent moon (side bends). Compliments for leader.
  • Partner Pull – Imagine you are making a strong, mighty Mackinac Bridge. Keep your back level so cars can drive across!
  • Yoga Flow – (Sun Salutation B) Mat 20 from Mountain to Mountain–2 x with leader and drummer, compliments.
  • Trees in the forest
  • Art – Tree poster–strong trunk, sturdy branches–no leaves! Looks sad and empty. Students use “o” shape foam stamps to press colorful “leaves” onto tree. Wipe hands, sit on mat. Think about ways we worked together to make the tree colorful. Be ready to share your idea.–


  • Back drawing
  • Bridge
  • Twist (spinal twist)
  • Relaxation – from Ready Set Relax, Relaxing Upper Body, pg 57.

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