Instructor:  Vicki Lunghofer

Community: Ages 3-5, preschoolers, Child Care Center Setting, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 13, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Introductions and setting rules/limits – Take turns. Listen to instructions. Respect everyone’s space. Have fun
  • Belly Breathing – (p 63) demonstrate with Hoberman Sphere with children seated on floor. ( 5-6 times)- Allow each child to do Hoberman Sphere with close supervision for 2 breaths. Rest of children say words “breathe in” “Breathe out”
  • Pulse Check – Talk about how when we relax or slow down our body adjusts. Talk about listening to your body. Attempt teaching to feel pulse
  • Story – Read book with children ( “The Tree”)


  • Mountain/Upward Mountain/Crescent Moon – Do mountain pose (p79), emphasize standing straight and feet pressed into the ground. Then flow into upward mountain and crescent moon (p 96). Do for about 1-2 min. Focus on how strong they are to be able to stand like a mountain. Go back to mountain pose, and then ask 1 child to demonstrate the movements to upward mountain and crescent moon. compliment student leader
  • Woodchopper – Next introduce “woodchopper” (p 100). After initial practice a child will lead activity .Compliment child leader. Do for 1- 2 minutes
  • Volcano Breath – Do standing volcano breath (p 97) for about 5 repetitions. Have another child lead the exercise- praise their efforts.
  • Star Pose/Star Circle and Tree Pose/Tree Circle – Next do star (p 88) Have children move into circle and do variation of pressing hands together while in the circle. This will then lead into Tree Circle (p 93). May need to do modified tree pose with toes of 1 foot resting on ground as opposed to just being on1 foot (3- 4yo should be able to stand on1 foot from 1-5 sec but will need to build their capacity) Then put hands down, remain in place and practice Tree Pose (p 91) Alternate feet in both tree circle and tree pose. Pick 1 child to demonstrate as we go through the practice again. Praise the children’s efforts
  • Block Creek – Do block creek (p 64) Have children take turns doing the walk. Praise children’s efforts.
  • Archetype Game and Activate/Relax Walk – Do a variation on the archetype game, based on the story chosen. Identify characters representing strength for imitation in walking. Do for about 3 minutes. Then have children take a turn leading for a person/thing that is strong. Compliment the children for their efforts.


  • Volcano Breath/Pinwheel Breathing – Have children sit on floor. Do volcano breath or pinwheel breath. Alternate slow breathing and some fast breathing.
  • Story – Read story ‘Tough Boris”
  • Child’s Pose/Relaxation Pose – Have children either in relaxation pose or kneeling child’s pose.
  • Guided Relaxation – Do short guided relaxation, focus on breath in and breath out, relax and soften. Focus relaxation story on strength, all 3 types (physical, mental, and emotional)

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