Instructor:  Megan Knutson

Community: Adult group, Hospital employees with health risk factors, Hospital setting

Plan Creation Date: June 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Pulse count – Find your pulse on your wrist, 15 second count (x4), if your heart rate and thoughts are racing from the busy work day, invite your breath to slow down, allow your mind to release its thoughts about the day, allow your breath to slow down and move with ease with our movements
  • Crescent moon – Reach up tall to the sky, open the sides of your body and turn your heart up to the sky
  • Roots – Press evenly through all four corners on both feet, the balls of the feet and the heels, begin to circle around the center of your body rolling across the four corners of your feet, change directions


  • Moving Chair
  • Series – Plank, Cobra, Downdog, Bent knee lunge, Forward bend, Chair, Upward mountain, Mountain (Repeat other side leading)
  • Star – Press evenly through the four corners of your feet, feel supported by the ground and light through your upper body
  • Warrior II – Feel connected through your feet to the ground, bend the front knee directly over the ankle, look to see your big toe as you allow the knee to be strong and steady over the ankle, avoid allowing the knee to collapse inward
  • Star
  • Triangle – Feet are steady as we reach forward and allow the bottom hand to rest on the shin and reach high with the top arm, allowing the chest to open to the sky
  • Chest opener – at the wall
  • Downdog – hands on the wall


  • Forward fold – with hips supported by the wall
  • Lying twist – knees come higher if you experience any pain in the low back
  • Final relaxation – Read quote
  • Hoberman’s Sphere breathing
  • Pulse count – Can compare where it was when we began to now after class when we are relaxed

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