Instructor: Karen Larson-Hahn

Community: Adolescent Group, Classroom setting?

Plan Creation Date: February 28, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:

Follow up from previous session: Discussion about ways client’s stayed strong/ used their strong voice in the past week

Introduction: Today we are going to be focusing on stillness and ways to quiet the body and mind, to slow down and be more aware of our senses and how we are feeling.


  • Back breathing – followed by chime
  • One minute exploration – Imagine yourself lying outside on a warm summer night. You have a soft cushion underneath you and you are with a good friend or family member. Look up at the night sky and see all the stars. What shapes do you see? Can you see the Big Dipper?


  • Child’s pose – as you breathe in and out allow your body to relax and quiet down
  • Cat/cow
  • Downward dog – students hold the pose and are very still
  • Step forward (walk hands to feet)
  • Volcano breath – as you breathe in reach up toward the stars and notice how still they are, shining brightly in the sky. Exhale and let your arms gently float down to your sides, feeling peaceful and relaxed.
  • Roots
  • Mountain – can you be a tall, majestic mountain? Imagine the sun shining on you and how cozy and warm that feels
  • Tree – be a pine tree standing straight and tall. Now imagine you are an oak tree and your branches are blowing in the wind. Notice how it feels to be moving and to be still (practice 2x on each side)
  • Dancer – holding pose (Do you feel still or wobbly? What helps you to be still?)
  • Eagle
  • Trust walk and sensory adventure
  • Discussion – How did it feel to be led vs. doing the leading? Which was more comfortable? Can you think of times when you lead others? Who leads in your family? Was it easy to trust/have someone leading you? What helps us to trust others? What did you learn about non-verbal communication? How could you tell what the person wanted or was feeling when you were not able to talk to each other?


  • Brief relaxation exercise – from tapping into senses. Message: “I believe in myself and appreciate who I am.”


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