Instructor:  Carolyn Ripp

Community: 7th Grade Health and PE Classes, School Setting, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: July 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Setting: 7th Grade integrated Health and PE Classes : 44 students ( teach this lesson 3x a day) for 5 lesson unit, as a pilot program for a small grant I wrote through Cloquet Ed Foundation. The program was well received with 84% of students favorable responce. Next year we will include 6th,7th, and 8th grade classes into the curriculum.

Props: yoga mat, music, Hoberman ball

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly breathing – introduced, with Hoberman Sphere – enjoy the brief pauses at top of breath and at the base of the breath
  • Volcano breath – standing, sending positive thoughts out to those around you, See if you can feel the support of those around you


  • Mountain
  • Side Stretch
  • Mountain
  • Side stretch
  • Forward fold – then hands of hips to stand
  • Star – active, hugging muscle to the bone and expand, reaching out to others,
  • Partner Tree – facing each other, opposite leg and opposite hands press together, feel the support from your partner – then small groups of 8
  • Crane pose – lifting right knee, lift hands up then reach forward, let right leg slide behind you straight into warrior 3
  • Mountain
  • Tree in circles – Feel the support of your neighbor, and friends, notice the interconnectedness that occurs as we work in circles


  • Compliment Game – seated – name on sheet passed in small circles,
  • Notice how you felt to give and receive the compliment
  • Now Take a few moments to remember people who were there to help you when you were in need, at some time in your past
  • Encircle them around you, taking time to relish in the support . We are stronger together, a place where everyone belongs and is accepted, as we tolerate each others’ differences, and as we celebrate the Individuality and uniqueness of one another .


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