Population/Setting/Length: Young Adults and Adults, with Disabilities and Developmental Delays, Recreational Program, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 5/3/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Gtrength


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman sphere: Lead the group into breathing with the sphere.
  • Volcano Breaths – Feel our strength in our mountain pose before we let our volcano breaths erupt. Let all feelings out as they are all welcome, including anger like the Incredible Hulk.


  • Woodchopper – Really let ourselves release our strength and breath as we imagine we are chopping wood beneath us.
  • Chair 15 – (without chairs, except person in a wheelchair) – Lead the group with this flow. Superheroes and their strength is the focus on each pose. Reaching up in upward mountain for stars to put in our pockets for later.
  • Star Pose/Galaxy – Get those stars out of our pockets and become them. Feel our arms and legs strength as we expand as stars. Feel the strength of our galaxy as together we are even stronger.
  • Tree Circle – Feel the strength of support in our tree circle.
  • Tree – Feel the strength of ourselves in our tree pose on our own.
  • Crescent Moon – Feel the strength of our muscles in our arms and sides as we bend like a strong crescent moon.


  • Seated Twist – while on a yoga ball – Use the ball as support for our twist.
  • Pinwheel Breath – While on the yoga ball, use the pinwheels to breath both gently and with great strength. Imagine we are different superheroes as we blow our pinwheel. Allow the individuals a chance to suggest a type of breath we can take (ex: Hulk breath, Spiderman breath, etc).
  • One­ Minute Exploration – on the ball – Close our eyes and imagine our favorite super heroes and all the superpowers he/she has.

Instructor:  Sarah Knudsen

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