Instructor:  Phoenix Ries

Community: Teenagers, High School Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: April 9, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Props/Music Resources Required: Hoberman Sphere, mats, drum, lavender essence

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – w/Hoberman Sphere – Close your eyes and set your intention to listen to your inner wisdom, your heart center. Use your breath to keep you from being “hijacked” from your thoughts…when a thought comes…go back to your breath. 1 min.


  • Stretches – Warm up with a series of leg stretches/extensions/thread the needle and should and arm openers. include partner stretch for arm opener.
  • Mat 20 – x4 with variations added (with student input). For example, add a twist while in lunge, or add a 3-legged down dog with a twist to each round of the mat 20. – listen to your breath as you flow through the pose and use the breath to help expand each of the poses.
  • Child’s Pose – Rest in child’s pose
  • Cobra to Superman to Bow – As we move through these more strenuous poses, listen to your body and use your breath to navigate your edge. Listen with your wise heart so you will know what is right for you. Use language that is encouraging expansion, length, integrity, lifted heart etc.
  • Bridge – to wheel – Center yourself with the breath. Be intentional and joyful as you make your way through these poses.


  • Twist – Hugs in knees to chest. Simple twists.
  • Corpse Pose – stretch well with arms over head before coming into corpse with eyes closed. You worked hard today and can now completely let go and be still.
  • Guided Imagery – Imagine that you are facing a difficult situation…the door bell rings and standing there is the wisest person you have ever heard about or known. This person comes with you to face the difficult situation and just before says that he/she will step into your body and help you deal with the situation…you agree….What did he/she say and do to help resolve the situation?…She hands you something to remind you of what you know. What is it? (after some time) You listened to the wisdom that was there within you all the time to help you handle that difficulty….after coming to seated position…would anyone care to share the item that was handed to you and what it represents?

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