Instructor: Cori Levin

Community: Teenage Ages, Hospital Setting, Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Group, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: February 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Key Words: resting, warmth, music and calm

Props: Hoberman balls, music, a rock from nature

Lesson Plan:


  • Chime – Ring the chime and when noise is finished ask class to raise a thumb. Volunteer student rings chime a second time. Take the time to sit tall and breathe during this time.
  • Introduce myself in a calm voice.
  • Belly Breathing – Each student takes a Hoberman sphere and one person is counting for group and chose another to decide how many(usually 5-10 breaths) when it closes we count. Breath in, breath out, ONE. We will breath together!


  • Start with Mat 20 – done 1-2 times (often leave out DD with this population)
    Encourage the students to Shine and reach when lifting up( ex:chair,lunge, mountain) – Lengthening spine in plank, cobra tree etc – In tree speak to feeling stillness of tress and than feel the wind move the branches and allow the body to sway.


  • Notice the warmth of the body after the flow.
  • Final Resting Pose – Ocean music. Challenge the group to not move and be fully still for 2 min- 6 min, depending on group. They love a challenge! Enjoy this time as a break in your day when you do not have to do anything. Feel like a piece of ice, melting into a puddle of water as you release all the muscles in the body.
  • Pass around a cotton swab with lavender oil.
  • Before they leave…..Encourage quiet listening in their everyday lives. 30 seconds to 3 min!

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