Theme: Strength

Instructor: Anna Thedford

Lesson Plan Creation Date: Summer 2009

Classroom Setting: Small Group

Lesson Plan:

Calm: Belly breathing – Lying down take five slow deep breaths feeling your belly rise and fall with each breath. Find pulse and count for 30 seconds.  While lying down, think of a time when you had to be strong for someone else. You were someone’s warrior. How did you help them get through their hard time? How did you stay strong for them? Think of how your body feels when you had to be strong for someone else.


    • rock and roll
    • count of three, come into boat pose and imagine you are a strong steel boat that cannot be sunk (2 times)
    • volcano breathing sending heart thoughts out to someone who has been strong for you
    • Rock up to mountain
    • Sun salutation (3 leaders): Having leaders hold warrior and downward dog a little longer. Compliments on how they were a strong leader
    • Block creek sticking to the theme of strength and how we can help be strong for each other in supporting them across the blocks

Calm: Relaxation – While they are lying back on their mats, take them on a guided journey where they meet up with the person they have been strong for; that person has a special message of thanks for them.

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